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douglas miller learning team retreats

Over the last decade Douglas has facilitated team building ‘events’ in more than 20 countries. His services are particularly in demand within the family of United Nations agencies across the world, The European Central Bank and Public Institutions across Europe including the OSCE.

He brings passion, energy and commitment to the groups he works with helping them to engage with each other about the challenges that lie ahead for them in a fun, participatory and entertaining way.  Clients typically ask for retreats (lasting between one and three days) around one of the following three topics:

Team Working/Team Building

Making us a better, more cohesive team.  This has increasingly included more input on working effectively as a remote or ‘virtual’ team i.e. when team members may not be at the same location on a regular basis.


Making better, more dynamic connections across the whole team whether it’s a team of ten or a team of 500.

New Ideas/Innovation

A retreat that’s based around either one or a series of shared problems/opportunities that need to be solved, identified or developed.

In recent years Douglas has facilitated larger-scale team ‘events’ for the following:

  1. The European Central Bank – more than 20 seminars in 10 different countries

  2. UNICEF – Kosovo, Bosnia, Thailand, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Belarus and Montenegro.

  3. Other UN agencies – Botswana, Kosovo, South Africa, Haiti and Germany

  4. European Public Institutions – Frontex, GNSS, OSCE (Tajikistan, and Bosnia)

  5. UK-based Organisations – Calor Gas, Lovell Construction

  6. Wiltshire Council

  7. AWTX

Contact Douglas Miller Learning to arrange to discuss what we can do for you and with you to enhance your own team retreat.

‘I want to thank Douglas who lifted this event with his inspiring messages and with his ability to reach the hearts and minds of his audience.  Douglas, we hope to see you again’. 

Head of Mission

(International organisation concerned with good governance)

‘I have now twice had the privilege of working with you. I sincerely hope there will be more opportunities. On both occasions you have, by the way you have managed the retreats, greatly facilitated key and difficult processes which have made a very significant difference.’

Resident Co-ordinator, UNDP

‘I have been coming to retreats for nearly 30 years.  Yours was easily the best.’

Special Representative

(international organisation concerned with children’s welfare and development)

‘We couldn’t have hoped for a better facilitator.’

Resident co-ordinator

(International organisation concerned with development through volunteers)