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The Luck Habit

‘You’ve always had - and always will have - a choice about the way you think about your life. 

Do you want to be an active player in your life or watch it from the sofa? 

Do you want, at the end of your life to say ‘I had a go’ or let all the chances you had to control your own life slip through your own hands?’

‘The Luck Habit’ tells us that there are two kinds of ‘luck’ – the ‘luck’ that happens when things are completely outside your control and the ‘luck’ that happens as a result of spotting opportunities and your own affirmative actions.  Whether it’s the old school ‘stuff happens’ luck or the new school ‘I can create my world’ luck it’s always you and the way you think and act that makes a difference.

Much of the tone of The Luck Habit is based on the constructive or destructive power of the conversation you have with yourself about yourself. If that conversation is not sound i.e. it is currently fatalistic or merely reflective of a lack of self-belief it’s about changing the tone of that conversation into an empowering one.

Using an easy-to-read, non-academic writing style The Luck Habit includes revealing interviews with top performers from the world of sport, music and business,  including Olympic gold-medalist Greg Searle, internationally renowned guitarist Mo Nazam and Multi BAFTA and EMMY award winner Adam Gee. Speaker and writer Douglas Miller presents 20 key ‘Luck Factors’ – patterns of thinking and behaviour – which you can apply in all aspects of your life. 

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A number of articles have been written for online and paper magazines around the ideas in The Luck Habit.  Click the article title to link to the article online:

Management Today – ‘How to be Lucky in Business’

Real Business – ‘When One Thing Leads to Another – The Sport of Opportunity Spotting’ – ‘How to Be Lucky – Creating Your Own Sporting ‘Luck’

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The Luck Habit has also been featured in Glamour magazine and Top Santé.

Hiscox and the Royal Institution jointly hosted a debate on the role that luck has to play in business success. The line up of speakers included ‘luck’ specialists and academics Douglas Miller, Dr Matthew Smith and Dr Stephann Makri who were joined by the successful online fashion retailer entrepreneur, Sarah Curran. Radio broadcaster and journalist, Liz Barclay moderated.