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‘The book oozes warmth, personality and wisdom’

‘An excellent book for personal development...very real, very well written and very no-nonsense.’

  1. The Luck Habit, Pearson Business, 2012

  2. Using a relaxed, conversational writing style ‘The Luck Habit’ includes revealing interviews with top performers from the world of sport, music and business including Olympic gold-medalist Greg Searle, internationally renowned guitarist Mo Nazam and Multi BAFTA and EMMY award winner Adam Gee.   The book presents 20 key ‘Luck Factors’ – patterns of thinking and behaviour – which give you greater control over your professional and personal life.  Click this link for more.

  1. Brilliant Teams, Pearson, 2011
    WH Smith Travel ‘Business Book of the Month’ April 2011

  2. This top-selling book is now in its Second Edition with 3 new chapters.  It shows how to generate high-performance, results-focused, successful teams no matter what environment you operate in.  Aimed at both team leaders and team members.

  3. The Nurturing Innovation Pocket Book, Management Pocketbooks 2009

  4. Explains how managers can create an environment in which innovation thrives. It identifies the numerous barriers to innovation - organisational and self-imposed by individuals - and describes how, through positive intervention, these blocks can be cast aside.

  5. Brilliant Idea, Pearson, 2007

  6. Aimed at employed people who want their ideas to be implemented and have impact at work.  Your idea may be ‘brilliantly simple’ – a simple thing that changes something for the better.  Or your idea may be ‘simply brilliant’ – a big thing that changes everything.  Or both!  This book is for you.

  7. Don’t Worry (stress and anxiety), Pearson, 2007

  8. Anxiety has been a feature of our times but it doesn’t have to be this way.  This book helps the reader discover practical routes that help change our perception of our anxieties and why we have them.  Very much a book aimed at 21st century lifestyles.

  9. Positive Thinking, Positive Action, BBC Books 2005

  10. This very successful book offers wide-ranging positive-thinking techniques that respond to the complexity of contemporary living.  Uses straightforward steps that will enable you to find greater happiness and fulfillment in your life.

  11. The Positive Mental Attitude Pocket Book, Management Pocketbooks 2005

  12. Being positive is so much more than a genetic inheritance.  There are so many practical things we can do to bring a positive approach into our own lives.  This pocketbook has 36 of them.

‘Basically I love it’

‘No luck needed.....just read it!’

‘I must say I really enjoyed the book and found it inspiring and motivational’

‘A GREAT little starter book to introduce you to the ideas & concepts of what PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is all about’.

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