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... covers many of the core subjects associated with management and staff development.  But we aren’t just another training provider offering the same generic courses as everyone else.  We do more - we specialise in creativity and innovation, stress, team working, leadership, positive mental attitude, remote working and social intelligence. By ‘specialise’ we mean that in these subject areas we offer new and interesting approaches backed up with exercises and activities that participants are unlikely to have seen before. Many are taken from Douglas Miller’s own books and research.

  1. We offer training for larger groups of up to 200 people.  Click here for more information. We have developed bespoke, motivational workshops for very large groups on topics such as project management, career development and work/life balance.  We think we are good at keeping 200 people energised and motivated for 2-3 days!

  2. We operate in the UK and in international operations including many national banks within the Eurosystem and UN agencies where course participants are drawn from many countries. 

  3. We offer one-on-one coaching either face-to-face or on the telephone (via Skype), either standalone or post-course, to reinforce learning.

  4. Recent training clients include:

  5. Pinsent Masons Solicitors

  6. Eurosystem National Banks

  7. United Nations Volunteers (Haiti)

  8. EIOPA

  9. Malta Financial Services Authority

  10. OSCE Missions in Kosovo, Georgia, Bosnia, Armenia and Macedonia

  11. Car Care Plan

  12. Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

  13. Scottish Water

  14. United Nations Missions in Kosovo, Haiti

  15. Birmingham City Council

‘The trainer who all our other trainers are compared to’

‘You were great.  Can you come and do the same again?

‘It warms my heart to hear my people talking about ‘gold-medal performance’

‘Doug, it was a pleasure to have you as our facilitator.  You did an excellent job’.

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